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1. What is your Ad about?
This is an Ad about providing Livery to your Taxi.
2. What is meant by Livery?
Livery means the Brand (Network) under which the Taxi operates.
3. What Livery do you provide?
We can provide our own Livery i.e. XCabs to your Taxis OR we can assist you in setting up your own Livery.
4. What do you mean by assisting in “Setting Up Own Livery”?
Own Livery means your own Brand/Network. Let’s say you have 5 Taxis (can be less or more, number is irrelevant) under your ABN, you can run those Taxis under your own Brand.
5. How can I set up my own Livery/Brand/Network?
You will need to apply for a TSP from Point to Point.
6. What is a TSP?
TSP is Taxi Service Provider. It is similar to what used to be called Network. For Example: 13Cabs, Premier Cabs, Legion Cabs, GM Cabs, XCabs etc. (Names are only for guidance purposes).
7. So, can I open my own network just like that?
Yes, you can. You need to apply with Point To Point. It is a simple process and as long as you fulfill the requirements and have clean records, you usually get the approval fairly quickly.
8. I already have a BSP, is it the same thing?
The BSP stands for Booking Service Provider. It qualifies you to get bookings from Customers and Offload them to legitimate drivers. If you want to get Taxis under your Brand, you need to get TSP. It is a similar process as to get BSP. Express Transport Solutions Australia Pty Ltd. [email protected] | +61 404 11 55 81 | 1300 11 55 81
9. Can I have both BSP and TSP?
Yes, you can have.
10. So, once I get my TSP approval, what will you provide me to be functional?
To run Taxis in NSW, there are some regulations and compliances that you need to meet & follow. One of those regulations is to have Alarm Monitoring along with a system to monitor Login, Logoff for the drivers. We will provide you “The Dispatch Software along with Alarm Monitoring”.
11. What do you mean by Alarm Monitoring?
Alarm Monitoring means when a driver Presses the Duress Alarm in Taxi during some situation, the operator will assist them as per the situation.
12. Is that the only requirement from Point to Point to run a Network?
No, there are some other regulations and compliances issued by P2P for approved networks and those networks need to follow those compliances.
13. What about the Decals (Stickers)? Can you help me in designing, printing and installation?
Yes, we can help you in your Decal Designing, Printing and Installation.
14. I do not want to use my mobile number to advertise for my business. Can you help me in getting some cost-effective way to get phone service?
Yes, we can help you in getting some cost effect Phone Service for your business.
15. If I get stuck anywhere in setting up, starting or during operations, can I get help from you?
Yes, we can help you in most of the situations. We will mostly work as a consultant with you.
16. What if I do not want to apply for TSP and simply want to join your LIVERY?
Yes, you can simply bring over your car to our LIVERY/NETWORK i.e. XCABS. You will not need to apply anything with Point To Point. We will Express Transport Solutions Australia Pty Ltd. [email protected] | +61 404 11 55 81 | 1300 11 55 81 provide you with list of documents that we will need once you make up your mind.
17. What about the equipment? Will you provide that as well? If not, how do I know what equipment I need and where to find them?
Yes, we will help you in getting the equipment. For Example: you need Camera, Meter, Tablet, Roof Sign, Duress Alarm Switch, Bluetooth Box to connect Alarm Switch to your Tablet, Decal (Stickers) outside your Taxi etc. We can help you in getting these at the best possible prices and installation as well.
18. Why should I need all these equipment? In my previous Network, they provided me with everything.
As per Point to Point the vehicle should have these equipment. Usually, No one pays for anything from their pockets. The Radio Fee that you pay, includes all these costs along with the company profits. Usually, when you leave that Network, they take all their equipment back. Our experience is that you end up paying lot more money for something which is not even yours in the end. With our model, you invest some money initially and own all the equipment. These are standard equipment and usually can be used with any other company as well. The upfront cost can also be reduced by getting some equipment on monthly payments. e.g. Say a Samsung Tablet “Galaxy Tab A” costs around $500 from JB HiFi etc., you can get the same tablet from say Vodafone for $13.86 per month over 36 months. It costs you nearly same as you would have spent upfront in a retail store.
19. Do you provide a meter as well?
We provide you the “Dispatch Software” that will be installed in your Tablet. This Dispatch Software comes with a “SOFT METER”. Express Transport Solutions Australia Pty Ltd. [email protected] | +61 404 11 55 81 | 1300 11 55 81
20. What is a Soft Meter?
In our case, the Soft Meter is a meter that will run on your Tablet. The Tablet can be installed on the Left side of the Staring Wheel, so the customer can see the Meter as well.
21. Is there any additional cost for Soft Meter?
No, there is no additional cost for Soft Meter.
22. What if I want to have a physical Meter that is usually used in the Taxis?
You can get a physical Meter as well at your own cost.
23. What is the cost of that Meter?
They can be supplied by different companies and you need to speak to them for exact prices. We can help you in choosing a Meter and can give you some rough idea about how much they cost. e.g. A G5 meter from Schmidt Company costs you $33 Per Month (estimate only, please make your own contact for exact prices and terms).
24. What if I want to get a Cabcharge Meter along with EFTPOS?
Yes, you can get a Cabcharge Meter along with EFTPOS as well. Our understanding is that you will need to pay some fee per month to Cabcharge and they wave off that fee after certain amounts achieved on their EFTPOS.
25. How can I proceed?
Please TEXT your “Name and Number of Taxis” on 0404 11 55 81 or send us an Email on [email protected] and one of our Network Consultants will contact you shortly. Note: All the information provided is for guidance purposes. We do not speak on anyone’s behalf and DO NOT take any responsibilities for their products, services, prices etc. Some services may require additional charges.